How to Repair or Replace Sliding Glass Door Rollers

A modern office with sliding glass doors

Over time, sliding glass door rollers will wear out and must be replaced at some point. Doing this glass door repair sooner than later will maintain your sliding glass door and keep it as functional as possible. It is always best to call on a professional to do this repair because it is not quick […]

5 Common Problems for Sliding Glass Doors

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Sliding glass doors are an excellent addition to a home. They provide a lot of natural light and can add a modern aesthetic to your living space. When sliding glass doors work correctly, they can enhance your life at home. However, it can be a real pain when a sliding door starts to malfunction and […]

How to Remove a Sliding Glass Door

custom sliding glass doors leading to an outdoor garden

Sliding glass doors are a great addition to any home if you need more natural light. This addition can immediately open up your living area or front room, making the space feel more welcoming for visitors, family, and neighbors who stop by. If you have an existing sliding door and want to replace it, you […]

How to Replace a Exterior Door Glass Insert

a photograph of a classic, earthy-colored brick home covered in vines with a front door that has a glass insert

If you notice a crack in your front door’s glass panel or do not like the look of your glass panel anymore, it is time for a glass door repair. We can also do other glass inserts, such as sliding door mirror replacements in your bedroom or bathroom for you. Today, we are going through […]

How to Replace a Sliding Glass Door

How to Replace a Sliding Glass Door

Glass features can provide an appealing sheen, open up an entire room, and accentuate the light on both sides of a door. In particular, sliding glass doors are a beautiful and functional addition to a back porch, a shower entrance, or as a mirrored sliding closet door. Unfortunately, anything made of glass is easy to […]

What Style of Glass Doors Should I Get?

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When designing a home for yourself, you naturally want to make sure that every detail is just right. There are so many beautiful glass door options to choose from; it’s hard to go wrong! Take your interior design to the next level by learning more about the many gorgeous glass door styles available to you. […]

How Thick Should My Glass Pane Be?

It may come as a surprise to find out that there are many different thicknesses of glass. Each thickness is appropriate for a different kind of application, and having the right thickness of glass for the right application is essential for practicality and safety. Here are the proper thicknesses of glass panes for different applications. […]

How to Repair Chipped Glass

Repair Chipped Glass

Maintaining a home and everything in it can sometimes feel like you are constantly extinguishing little “fires” that arise around the house. One day it’s the water heater—and the next day, it’s a decorative vase. Life comes with its wear and tear, so it’s important to know what to do when accidents occur. Here are […]

How Glass Repair Works

How Glass Repair Works

Glass Repair Just about any home anywhere has multiple glass items in it. Windows, doors, mirrors, cups, and pictures are just a few examples. Generally, people tend to be pretty careful when it comes to handling glass things. You don’t want them to break, after all. Of course, even the greatest care isn’t always enough […]

4 Tips for Repairing Broken Glass

4 Tips for Repairing Broken Glass

Glass is in nearly every room of a house. Windows, doors, tables, even picture frames—we use it all the time, even though it’s quite a pain when it breaks. In some cases, it’s possible to repair glass yourself. Other times, it’s best to leave broken glass repairs to a professional company. Here are a few […]

How to Fix Cracked Glass

How to Fix Cracked Glass

Sometimes you know exactly how it happened, and sometimes you notice it while looking out the window one day, but either way, cracked glass is a problem that can’t be ignored forever. Anyone in commercial glass repair can tell you there are temporary and permanent fixes to deal with the situation. Here are some safety […]

5 Common Causes of Broken Glass

Common Causes of Broken Glass

Glass is a beautiful addition to many homes. Crystal clear windows make a home sparkle, glass mirrors open up space, and classy glass shower doors can lend a sleek, minimalistic look to a bathroom. Of course, having glass of any sort in your home means you run the risk of dealing with broken glass. It […]