5 Surprising Tips to Improve Your Shower Experience

5 Surprising Tips to Improve Your Shower Experience

Showering is a necessary part of a healthy and hygienic lifestyle, but just because it’s a necessity doesn’t mean that it has to feel that way. You can transform your daily shower into a luxurious experience that calms the mind and resets the troubles of the day — or prepares you to face whatever may come your way. Here are five new tips to make your showers less of just another checkmark on your list and more worth looking forward to.

1. Choose Your Showerhead and Pressure Wisely

Showerhead style and water pressure go hand in hand. But what’s going to be most soothing is highly individual. Some people prefer a powerful jet, while others prefer something more akin to gentle rainfall. If you share your bathroom with others, multifunction showerheads can be a good choice because they offer various intensities and types of spray.

Handheld showerheads are handy because they give you the control to direct water exactly where you want it, and many include massage functions that can be aimed at specific body parts to ease muscle pain. The handheld flexibility ensures the capability to effectively clean yourself, your shower, and any children or pets who can’t stand quite as close to the shower fixture due to height.

Fixed showerheads provide a specifically angled spray pattern and are the most commonly seen. Heads that imitate rain are an easy way to enhance the immersion to a more luxurious affair. These fixtures are generally set directly above the standing space and are meant to imitate a natural downpour, creating a superbly calming effect.

High-pressure showerheads are good for relaxation purposes, while dual heads offer separate flows from two points, so you can wash your hair and pressure-relax your body at the same time.

2. Digital Shower Controls

With digital shower controls, it’s possible to set everything exactly how you want it from one control panel. There’s no fiddling with the handle for the correct temperature, wishing you hadn’t left the intense overhead light on, or getting out of the shower to change the music. Everything can be adjusted from inside the shower to each family member’s particular preferences. This kind of control allows for the ultimate calming experience. Stressors are taken out of the picture and you control exactly how you want to be pampered at each moment.

3. Shower Doors Make a World of Difference

Want a way to instantly change the entire feel of your shower? Change the build around it. Glass shower doors immediately open up and brighten both small and large spaces, while glass shower enclosures do this to an even greater degree. You will stop feeling cramped when you can see out the shower glass to the entire bathroom, and you won’t have to ever brush slimy shower curtains off your leg again.

The frameless shower doors are incredibly popular, although they tend to be more expensive. The reason is that the tempered glass doesn’t need the same metal support, which lends it a crystal-clean, solid look while allowing inner intricacies to be showcased. Beautiful tile patterns, innovative stonework, marbled benches—all of these are highly visible and add to the overall ambiance. Also, frameless and semi-frameless doors can be safer, since they don’t require a large entry step. Easiest way to feel immediately luxuriant? Open up the space with glass shower doors. Every aspect of the cleaning ritual will come across in a more soothing way when your senses experience the natural light and visible space that comes with this upgrade.

4. Heated Elements

Listen closely: heated towel bars. Everyone dreads leaving a cozy shower for the outer-bathroom chill. It’s why we sometimes spend an extra minute or two, letting the hot water raise our internal temperature so it doesn’t seem as frightfully cold when we step out onto the rug. Now imagine, you slide open the shower door, pull the towel from its designated spot, and wrap up in the warmth of a towel fresh out of the dryer. No one is immune to the comforting sensation of a cozy, heated towel. The relaxation factor nearly puts us to sleep.

As long as the hanging racks are heated, the floor can be heated too. Few things are as startling as stepping out of the warm comfort of your shower onto a freezing cold tile floor. By enhancing the exterior of your shower to be more comfortable, you make shower time overall more pleasurable.

5. Scents Matter

Eucalyptus is known to have a calming effect. Either tying fresh eucalyptus up in the bathroom or using eucalyptus oil can magnify calming effects. It helps open airways, clears the mind, and generally might put you in a better mood, especially if you’re taking the dreaded pre-work shower. On the way out, use lavender lotion to soothe the skin and calm the senses even more.

The main resource for an effectively better shower is knowing exactly what works for you. Do you like blasting pressure or the steady drip of rain? Do you want to shower by candlelight listening only to the drum of water or sing along to jazz with subtly installed, soft lights to create a unique vibe? When stepping out of the shower, is the fluffy rug enough to maintain that luxuriant feeling, or does the chill blast it away if there isn’t a heated towel ready to keep the warmth going? Determine which features are most important to you, then relax, breathe in the eucalyptus oil, and get ready to unburden the day with a perfect shower.

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