Glass Shower Doors

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Folding Shower Doors

A folding shower door is an excellent choice if you are looking for a modern design and maximum accessibility. The glass does not touch the floor, and no barriers are needed, so there is no need to mount anything on your existing shower floor. The folding shower door is excellent for wet rooms and curbless shower stalls. The folding shower door is a space-saving design, as the doors can fold flat against the wall when not in use. For households with children or others needing assistance, the flexibility of this design is unbeatable.

Frameless Shower Doors

Shower door frames are some of the most challenging areas to clean in the bathroom, but these doors avoid that problem by simply going without frames in the first place! Another modern design, the frameless shower door, offers easy maintenance and makes your bathroom seem more significant than it is. The frameless design also allows your bathroom walls to flow together in one seamless expanse, making it feel much larger than it is. These doors are available in sliding or hinged designs with one or two doors. For those looking for a minimalist approach to shower doors, this is your design.

Etched Shower Doors

Shower doors with etched glass can add style and privacy to your bathroom. These custom doors can be designed to maximize privacy or accent your bathroom decor. Adding a personal touch to your bathroom has never been easier. We have a wide array of styles that will enhance the look of your bathroom for years to come!

Inline Glass Shower Doors

An inline shower door is an excellent option for those on a budget or those seeking a more traditional design. An inline shower door is a glass door that swings on hinges and closes flush with another glass panel or panels that form the front of the shower. This design can be had with or without a frame, giving you plenty of options based on your budget and style preferences.

Fixed Shower Panel With Rolling Door

The fixed panel with a rolling door is an excellent option for smaller bathrooms. This more traditional shower door design can be purchased in either frameless or framed form. If your toilet or sink is very close to the shower, this might be the best option for you as the door does not swing out as it would with the inline design. Like the inline design, the rolling door style can be an excellent option for those on a budget or those looking to furnish a guest bathroom. The simplicity of this design is one of its best attributes!

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