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Why Replace a Shower Door or Enclosure?

If you currently have a shower featuring a glass shower door, there will eventually come a day when it needs to be replaced. But when exactly should you plan your next shower door installation?

Previous Shower Door Is Broken

A broken shower door is a sure sign that it’s time for a replacement. Although glass shower doors are built using sturdy, long-lasting materials like tempered glass and stainless steel, it’s still possible for a door to fail. Tempered glass can still break if it’s hit hard enough. Metal hardware such as the frame, hinges, or slides might begin to break down, rust, or lose functionality over time.

broken glass shower door with red towel in shower

Previous Shower Door Is Ugly

Just like the clothes in your wardrobe, glass shower doors can also go out of style. If your shower doors are from the 1980s or 1990s, that vintage faux-gold look could use an update. Modern shower doors are available in a range of contemporary colors and finishes from satin-nickel to oiled brass and more. You can also choose a frameless design for a sleek, ultramodern look.

If you’ve recently bought a house, it’s also possible that the previous owner’s preferences in shower fixtures don’t match your own. If the door is ugly or doesn’t suit your new bathroom decor, you can update it with a shower door installation that better reflects your personal tastes.

image of a 1970s shower that is outdated and needs to be remodel

You’re in the Mood for an Upgrade

Sometimes there’s nothing specifically wrong with a shower door, but you still feel that it’s time for an upgrade. That’s fine too! If your current door doesn’t meet your decorative or practical needs, then go ahead and upgrade to a shower door that does.

new modern shower remodel

Alcove Showers

Alcove showers are designed to take up less space in a bathroom. This type of shower is arguably the most common. These showers are typically either square or rectangle in shape, with three walls and one threshold. The glass shower doors can be either hinged or sliding. Because this type of shower is so common, it may not be the best choice for someone looking for a shower enclosure that offers a custom look. Still, it is hard to beat an alcove shower if you’re trying to conserve space.

A modern Alcove Shower

Glass Shower Enclosures FAQs

bathroom showing a shower with frosted shower doors and windows

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