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Glass is an incredibly versatile home material, which is why you often see it as a design element in interior decorating. It is especially commonly seen in tables and desks. A glass table top gives homes a chic and modern look, but it can also adapt to almost any style of room, including vintage ones. Glass mirror coffee tables can also make a nice addition to a living room because of their aesthetic design and functionality. It offers a refined look to your space and reflects light to add to the ambiance. Glass protector tops offer the sleek look of glass, but also serve a practical function in protecting sensitive surfaces from damage.

Although versatile, each type of glass table has its own set of pros and cons to offer. Which one is best for you?

Glass Table Tops

A glass table top is usually thicker than a table cover. A table cover rests over the table so that it does not need to be as thick, but the thickness of an actual custom glass table top must be sturdy enough to withstand pressure. Table and glass tops can be customized to suit your home. Some custom glass table tops can be frosted, bronzed or grayed to match the room’s decor. Glass tops can also be tempered with additional colors and textures as add-ons to the tempering. Tempered glass is preferred for its sturdiness and safety. Ceramic fireplace glass is a type of glass that can withstand very high temperatures. It is typically designed for laboratories or kitchens. Annealed glass is used for smaller tables. If there is a break, the glass pieces break into big shards. It does not break into small pieces as tempered glass does. For safety reasons, annealed glass is typically kept limited to smaller-sized tables.

A glass table top is often considered stylish, chic and modern. In order to keep your rooms’ decor up to trend, you may want to add a custom glass table top to your home. If your home has more antique furnishings, a glass table cover is an important addition. It will protect the surface of your table from scratches, liquids, damage from the sun and other forms of wear and tear. 

Wooden Dining table with a glass top

Custom Glass Coffee Table Tops

A glass coffee table gives your living room an elevated look of sophistication. It is not only a beautiful piece, but it’s also easy to clean. Custom glass table tops are also available. You may get the glass tempered or laminated for safety reasons. If your coffee table is relatively small, such as 24 inches by 24 inches or less, you can consider annealed glass. A glass-industry professional can give you a recommendation if you’re unsure of the type of glass to choose. A glass mirror coffee table is also an option. If you leave hot items on your coffee table, like coffee, soup, or high heat items, consider ceramic fireplace glass that won’t break under high temperatures.

Glass Protector Tops

A glass protector top is a custom-cut sheet of glass designed to cover tables or desks made of wood. Glass protector tops are typically used with tables, while glass desk tops are typically used with desks. Both protect the sensitive wood surface from sun damage, water spots/rings, scratches and other wear and tear. Aside from being very practical, a glass protector top brings an added touch of luxury to your home with its simple glass finish. If you want something a little more vogue, you can customize your glass table and desk tops with tints, different kinds of glass, etching, and other options.

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