What are the Best Shower Doors and Enclosures?

What are the Best Shower Doors and Enclosures

There are many different types of shower doors and shower enclosures to choose from when you’re considering making an update to your bathroom. The best shower door or enclosure is going to be whatever fits your needs and taste, so here’s a rundown of a few options to consider:


An alcove shower enclosure takes up very little space. They’re not luxurious, and some would even call them cramped or claustrophobic. But they make it a cost- and space-effective choice for tiny bathrooms, and can be perfect for people with a minimalist sense of taste. Keep in mind, however, that alcove showers typically use hinged doors, so you will need enough room for that to operate. For a touch of luxury, try an alcove shower with a unique design on the walls or door.

Clear Glass

Clear glass showers are open, modern, and easy to clean. They also help create a crisp aesthetic and can help a bathroom look bigger than it actually is. Clear shower glass offers absolutely zero privacy, so if you’re worried about someone walking in on you in the middle of your morning routine, then this option may not be the best choice for you.


Corner showers make the best use of available bathroom space by being installed in the corner, which you probably wouldn’t use otherwise. Corner showers are available in a variety of shapes and finishes, but they typically have five walls and hinged doors. If space comes at a premium in your bathroom, then a corner shower can be a stylish way to use that space efficiently.


Curved and round showers offer a very unique and graceful sense of design for your bathroom. They feature sliding shower doors that glide along a track around a cylindrical glass structure that encloses your shower space. Curved glass must be custom fabricated, which makes it more expensive than standard flat glass. But if you’re looking for a modern, elegant statement in your bathroom, the curved shower is definitely one to consider.


Double showers offer enough space for two people to shower at once, creating a time-saving option for couples. These do take up quite a bit of space, though, so the double shower is a feature for larger bathrooms only.


Fixed showers are interesting because they actually have no door at all! Just fixed glass walls and an opening for entry. Because you don’t have to worry about a door, you may think that these would make a good option for small bathrooms, but quite the opposite is true — you will need to have room for a larger shower area than usual if you want to avoid splashing all over the place. Space considerations aside, this is a great option for the homeowner with a modern or minimalist taste.


Folding shower doors either come in bi-fold or tri-fold designs. Just like folding closet doors, folding shower doors consist of multiple glass panels, one of which being fixed to the wall while the others are attached via hinges. Because they don’t swing out into the bathroom space, folding shower doors can be a great choice for a tiny bathroom, but they’ll make an interesting statement no matter where you have them.


Framed glass showers have a metal frame that runs all the way around the glass panels, defining it with a border of chrome, brass, bronze, or any other look you desire. Because they have a track around the lower edge of the glass shower enclosure, you will need to take special care of that area during cleaning to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.


Frameless glass showers are just as their name suggests. This minimalist approach creates an airy, spacious feel to the enclosure — luxury at its simplest. Plus, frameless shower doors are extraordinarily easy to clean, especially if you choose a glass that has been specially finished to repel soap scum and water spots.

Frosted/Obscured Glass

Frosted shower glass is semi-opaque, letting light in while still preserving a sense of privacy. Because they’re not clear, however, you may need extra light in the shower enclosure. They can also be slightly more difficult to clean. But frosted glass is extremely versatile and can be used in almost any style of bathroom.

Fully Enclosed

Fully enclosed showers have glass on at least three sides, and can even be free-standing. They can have swinging or sliding shower doors, and do best in larger bathrooms. With minimal hardware, a fully enclosed shower can go a long way in contributing to a modern aesthetic.

Hammered Glass

Hammered glass showers have a fascinatingly textured surface reminiscent of hammered metal. They allow light into the shower space without compromising your sense of privacy, and look wonderfully stylish while doing so. Hammered shower glass tends to be more expensive and fragile than other types of glass, so beware of slamming these doors.


Hinged showers are fairly commonplace, but that’s because they’re so versatile. They are especially good for creating a large entrance space that can be especially suitable for those with accessibility needs. However, due to the way that they swing outward for entry, these work best in a larger bathroom rather than smaller.

Patterned Glass

Patterned shower glass is a fun hybrid of frosted and clear glass, allowing you to use your shower area as a point of design interest in your bathroom space. If you can dream it, you can probably get it patterned on glass, so this approach can work for just about any taste and design style. Note, however, that patterned glass has slightly higher maintenance needs, as the texture can encourage mold and mildew growth.


The quadrant shower fits into a corner and features a curved front with a sliding shower door. This works well for tight spaces and creates a modern look. If you like the idea of the round shower but don’t have the space to commit, a quadrant shower can be a great alternative.

Rain Door

Rain doors are like frosted or obscured glass, but with a more intricate design. The effect is an incredibly pleasing, elegant aesthetic. It’s no centerpiece, but it’s a good way to create an attractive glass shower enclosure that won’t detract from the rest of your bathroom’s design.


If you like big showers with lots of room to move about, and you have to space to accommodate that wish, a rectangular glass shower enclosure can be a great choice. These do well for fully-enclosed designs or set against a wall.


Semi-frameless shower doors are a hybrid design with some metal around the perimeter of the shower, but the door itself only has a frame on the bottom edge. This makes the semi-frameless design more sleek than its framed cousin, but more styled than a full frameless. Just like framed doors, take extra care to prevent mold or mildew growth along the bottom edge.

This is just a small sampling of the shower door and shower enclosure designs available to you. Talk to our experts today to determine the perfect style to suit your bathroom renovation project!

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