Top Bathroom Design Trends to Watch For in 2020

Top Bathroom Design Trends to Watch For in 2020

When was the last time you gave your bathroom an update? After all, you spend a major portion of your life in the bathroom, so why not make it enjoyable? Here’s the latest in home interior and bathroom design trends for 2020 to get your gears turning on how you can transform your space in a way that is both trendy and appeals to your own personal style.

Tech It Up

By this point, home technology is nothing new. It’s become an essential part of our kitchens, living rooms, and even our bedrooms. But bathrooms seem to be getting neglected, so it’s time to use 2020 home technology to transform your home bathroom into a personal spa. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Smart toilets
  • Smart showers
  • Automatic sinks
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Smart mirrors
  • Built-in TVs
  • Underfloor heating
  • Warming racks and drawers

Goodbye Gray, Hello Black

Gray was one of the most popular styles in 2018 and 2019 bathrooms, but it’s time to leave that in the past. This year, we’re embracing bold black and other dark tones. This trend is most popular as a matte finish light fixtures, vanities, and mirrors. To add a bit of opulence to your space, try a black freestanding tub.

The Gold Rush is Back

Gold has also returned, and it’s nothing like the tacky brass accents of yesteryear. 2020 homeowners are using shades of brass and gold to add depth, dimension, and luxurious warmth to any space. Try a satin, matte, or spun gold finish to hide fingerprints and water spots, keeping your bathroom looking spotless with less maintenance. Use it for your plumbing fixtures, mirror, light fixtures, or even your tile or shower curtain!

Say Hello to Industrial Style

Despite all the gold and tech that is coming into peak popularity this year, so is industrial style, especially around the bathroom vanity. Think metal finishes, wooden accents, and funky tile patterns (we have more to say on that in just a second). You might not think that industrial can be compatible with gold, brass, or fun tile patterns, but oh, you’re wrong. These aspects can take industrial to a whole new level for the 2020 aesthetic. If you want to fully immerse yourself in the possibilities of industrial style, try concrete walls for a totally unique and modern look.

Get Funky With Tile

Let’s be honest here — subway and large format tile is boring. Why not have some fun with shapes and patterns instead? Be on the lookout for hexagon, arabesque, diamond, Moroccan fish scales, and chevron patterns in new colors and textures in home improvement stores near you. And you don’t have to limit tile to just the floor: use it in your bathroom backsplash, shower walls, and maybe even the ceiling! If you’re not huge on the idea of a tile wall, try bringing the tile just halfway up.

Open Up Your Shower

Who said that showers have to be tiny or hidden? After all, your daily shower ritual can be the best part of the day, so when you’re remodeling your bathroom, be sure to rethink your shower. Open showers with large glass shower doors and walls visually increase the perceived size of your bathroom, and provide more convenience for users. After all, no one likes a cramped shower. For best results, incorporate a bench and multiple shower heads.

Fun with Mirrors

After reading that heading, you might think that this section is going to suggest turning your bathroom into a carnival house of mirrors. Allow us to soothe your fears — we’re suggesting no such thing. Instead, just try a custom mirror with a unique or asymmetrical shape, rather than the standard square, rectangle, or circle. Plus, you can add technology like anti-fog properties, USB charging stations, and even certain interactive features. For extra fun and sleek appeal, install backlighting.

Wallpaper is Back

You may have heard rumors, so we’re going to confirm them: Wallpaper is back, and it’s better than ever. We’re not talking about the duck-printed wallpaper in your grandmother’s bathroom. We’re talking big, bold, colorful patterns, murals, and graphics. We’re talking easy peel-and-stick install. This year, we’re taking back our homes from their long years of neutral blah. If you want to be extra trendy, try marbleized wallpaper for a contemporary but still glamorous look. Bold and unusual marble patterns like Zebrino, Arabascato and Paonazzo are especially in.

From large and open glass shower doors and enclosures, to bold colors and patterns, to fun with shapes, 2020 is kicking the muted, understated trends of previous years to the curb. You don’t have to do it all — just pick your favorite parts of the trend and find ways to incorporate them into the current aesthetic of your home and personal style. After all, you’re the one who will be using this bathroom every day, so make sure you love it.

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