Custom Mirrors

Community Glass, Shower Doors, Mirror, Custom (151)Custom Mirrors are one of the few additions to a home that make such an elegant statement.  Of course, custom mirrors add function to rooms such as bathrooms, but a custom mirror can make a room much more beautiful.  And, mirrors themselves are good, but Custom Mirrors can add special beauty to your home.

Custom Mirror Options

At Community Glass & Mirrors, we give you many options for your custom mirrors.  Our mirror designers can create your custom mirror to any finish, color or size.  The edging and finishing options today are many, including chipped, sandblasted, beveled and etched.  An assortment of mirror colors are available too, such as gold, black, gray and bronze.

Custom Shaped Mirrors

Community Glass, Shower Doors, Mirror, Custom (185)We are often called in to create a custom mirror to fit a special location in a remodel or construction project.  We can create an exact-fitting custom mirror for just about any slot you need.  We commonly create custom mirrors in bathrooms with arches for example.  We can shape mirrors to fit into your furniture too.  Whatever you can imaging, our team of glass professionals can create it for you — perfectly!

Your Frame. Our Frame. Frameless.

If you have a fantastic picture frame that you would like to turn into a mirror, we can custom fabricate the perfect mirror for just that purpose.  This can make a beautiful work of art from your special frame.  Additionally, we have a large assortment of frames possible to custom make your mirror.

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Professional Mirror Installs

Not only do we create the custom mirrors, but we also have the professional installation staff that knows exactly how to install the most intricate mirror jobs.  We analyze the mirror’s location to choose the best mounting method that will ensure long-lasting beauty.  We handle the mirror with care and pride.  We make sure your new custom mirror is installed just right, without any problems.