How to Repair or Replace Sliding Glass Door Rollers

A modern office with sliding glass doors

Over time, sliding glass door rollers will wear out and must be replaced at some point. Doing this glass door repair sooner than later will maintain your sliding glass door and keep it as functional as possible. It is always best to call on a professional to do this repair because it is not quick or easy. Today, we will review the steps necessary to replace sliding glass door rollers. If you cannot do the job yourself or do not have the time to do so, at least you can know what to expect when a professional begins this repair job inside your home.

Remove the Door From the Track

If you notice that your sliding glass door is harder to open and close than before, the most likely culprit may be the door rollers. The first thing you need to do is remove the door from its track. If you have a hardwood or tile floor near the sliding glass door, put down a large towel or something that will protect the floor from any scratches. This step is not necessary if you have carpet flooring.

Next, raise the door up into the top track and pull the bottom edge of the glass door towards the inside. Continue shifting the door inward until it is fully released from the top track, and place the glass door safely off to the side. Note that this is not a one-person job because sliding glass doors tend to be heavy. You will probably need an extra set of hands to help remove the door from the track. If it is too difficult to lift the door into the top track, use a pry bar to give you more leverage. Again, this repair job is best left to professionals, so call us today to schedule an appointment.

Loosen the Roller Screw and Remove the Old Rollers

The roller screw is located near the bottom of the roller assembly frame. Older aluminum frames usually have a single screw, but vinyl frames may have two screws. Undo the top screw and keep it in a safe place, then carefully take out the old rollers.

Clean the Track

Debris inevitably builds up in a sliding glass door track. Rather than taking the entire track out, cleaning the track is often a better solution. Cleaning the track will also improve the functionality of your sliding glass door once the rollers are replaced. You must use a vacuum to suck up all the debris you see inside the track.

Install the New Rollers

When replacing sliding glass door rollers, an exact replacement is necessary; otherwise, your door will not operate as smoothly as it should. Make sure you have precise measurements when you go to a home improvement store to purchase a new set of rollers.

Some rollers have rivets, and others use a screw and nut to hold them in place. If you have to decide between those types of rollers, ensure that your door has sufficient space for either the rivets or screw and nut assembly. Even if you think one roller looks fine, replacing both rollers simultaneously is highly recommended. That way, the wear and tear on each roller will not cause further problems down the road.

Adjust the Rollers

Tighten the adjustment screw (located near the bottom closest to the rollers) so that the rollers make contact with the bottom track. This screw pushes the roller wheel downwards, allowing the sliding glass door to rise into the top track and glide smoothly. You may have to raise the door slightly while doing this step, so have some other people nearby to help you, just in case.

Reinstall the Doors

Now, do the opposite of what you did during the first step. Carefully lift the door and insert the top of the sliding glass door into the upper track. Move the bottom of the sliding glass door inwards incrementally until it slides back into the bottom track.


Save yourself the time and energy of repairing or replacing sliding glass door rollers by yourself, and call the professionals at Community Glass and Mirror instead. We can get the job done for you as quickly and efficiently as possible and look forward to serving you. You can rely on us to come and do any glass door repair job in your home.