Must-Have Books and Decorations for Your Home’s Coffee Table

Books and Decorations for Your Coffee Table

So you’ve found the perfect coffee table for your living room, complete with a beautiful glass tabletop that helps brighten and open the room. Now you need to figure out what to put on it to make it part of your home. There are so many excellent options that it can be hard to know […]

5 Tips For Protecting Your Glass Table Tops

5 Tips For Protecting Your Glass Table Tops

Glass table tops can be a truly stunning addition to any home. Their clear surfaces have a remarkable way of opening up space and can even lighten up a room. The thing with glass tabletops, though, is that because they are made of glass, they can be damaged more easily than table tops made of […]

Dos and Don’ts of Coffee Table Design

Coffee Table Design

If you don’t already have one, a coffee table can be the perfect addition to any living room. Coffee tables aren’t just a great place for displaying and storing items; they can add to your living room’s design and be an excellent way to tie things together. Of course, not all coffee tables are suited […]