What Style of Glass Doors Should I Get?

living room with sliding glass door leading to a veranda

When designing a home for yourself, you naturally want to make sure that every detail is just right. There are so many beautiful glass door options to choose from; it’s hard to go wrong! Take your interior design to the next level by learning more about the many gorgeous glass door styles available to you.

Acid-Etched Glass

If you want glass that obscures what is on the other side, this is a great choice. To create acid-etched glass, manufacturers apply acid to the glass’s surface, making a smooth and consistent obscuring effect. This unique glass allows for light to pass through while still protecting your privacy. Whether you are looking for double mirror sliding doors or glass doors for your office or bedroom, this option is affordable and effective. It doesn’t require much maintenance, either.

Sandblasted Glass

Another option if you want obscured glass doors is sandblasted glass. This kind of glass is created by blasting the glass with sand or other small particles. There is a lot of variability with this kind of glass, so you can choose how obscure or how clear your glass will be. Sandblasted glass is highly customizable and can work perfectly for any glass door you need.

Translucent Interlayer Laminated Glass

In the case of acid-etched glass and sandblasted glass, the exterior of the glass is frosted, but it is possible to apply the frosted effect to the interior of a glass door. This is what translucent interlayer laminated glass is for. These kinds of glass doors are created with two panes of glass that are connected together by some internal layer. This option is great if you still want your glass to feel smooth when touched; it is also very durable, so you won’t have to think about glass door repair anytime soon.

Ceramic Frit Silk-Screened Glass

If you are looking for truly custom glasswork, then you may prefer ceramic frit silk-screened glass for your interior sliding mirror doors. With this type of glass, a ceramic layer is applied to the glass itself. Since this ceramic material can come in any color and can be applied in many different textures, there is plenty of room for customization.

Smoked Glass

Smoked glass could be a great solution if you want a sleek look for your glass doors. This type of glass is actually coated with the residue from smoke which leaves a smoky appearance for your doors. This option is also great for reducing the amount of light that comes through your glass doors, which can be helpful if you prefer dimmer lighting.

Colored Glass

A final option is colored glass, which can add beauty and dimension to your indoor space, whether you add it to your custom mirror sliding doors. Colored glass won’t totally obscure what is behind it, but the color can help create a feeling of privacy and impact the tone of the space. You can customize your colored glass to fit your home and the kind of atmosphere you are trying to create.

Choosing the right glass for your doors can take time. It’s okay if you don’t decide on what you like most right away. Instead, you can take your time to look at all the options and make a choice that you will be happy with for years in the future.

If you’re interested in installing, repairing, or replacing sliding glass doors, check out our options for sliding glass doors!