Must-Have Books and Decorations for Your Home’s Coffee Table

Books and Decorations for Your Coffee Table

So you’ve found the perfect coffee table for your living room, complete with a beautiful glass tabletop that helps brighten and open the room. Now you need to figure out what to put on it to make it part of your home. There are so many excellent options that it can be hard to know where to start.


Books are something of a coffee table staple. They can be perfect for providing some light entertainment for guests or even members of your household as they relax in your living room.

But what sorts of books should you have?

The best coffee table books are insightful, inspiring, informative, and aesthetically pleasing. They may have beautiful crisp, clear pictures and provide snippets of wisdom that the casual reader might benefit from.


Having plants in your home can boost your mood, reduce stress, and beautify a space. They’re a constant, aesthetic reminder of life. Using plants to decorate your coffee table can add a peaceful yet lively beauty to the table and the room. Stick to squat plants like flowers and short bushes that won’t obstruct your view while sitting. Experiment with different arrangements. Choose plants and containers that combine to create different heights so guests can see and appreciate each plant.

If you have pets or children, make sure you select plants that aren’t poisonous.

Statement Pieces

Adding a personal touch to your living room can make it feel more like home. You can use your coffee table as a place to display things from a personal collection, items that tell a story, or interesting sculptures that spark interest and curiosity.

Statement pieces can be a great way to get a conversation going or pique your guests’ interest. Just make sure that whatever you choose to display is something you enjoy looking at too. You’ll be the one living with it, after all. For extra cohesion, take the glass table surface and the other materials and colors of your coffee table into consideration when selecting a piece or pieces to display.


Sometimes your attention is required to be elsewhere rather than on your guests the entire time. Having something specifically to entertain your guests on your coffee table can be a godsend in moments like these. You might consider placing a deck of cards, a Rubix cube, or simple games like dominos or Jenga on the table. Bonus points if your guests can comfortably play the games you put out at the coffee table with the room available on it. Your coffee table will need to be able to hold up to whatever’s being played on it, so consider carefully what games or entertainment you might want to provide.

Attractively Practical Additions

Coffee tables, like most horizontal surfaces in our homes, tend to collect clutter. That can be a problem when you want to put the table to more practical uses, such as providing people with a place to put cups or plates. Consider placing baskets, boxes, or trays of an appropriate size on the coffee table. Trays can be a good place to put keys, phones, mail, coasters, or other odds and ends that might otherwise end up cluttering up the table.

The best books and decorations for your coffee table will be what fits your home and your preferences the best. Having so many choices can make making a decision tough. On the bright side, you’re sure to be able to put together a layout that is precisely suited to your tastes. If you can’t settle on just one arrangement, put together a few favorites and rotate through them throughout the year. You’ll love the variety and have the chance to mix and match your coffee table decor to your heart’s content.

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