How Glass Repair Works

How Glass Repair Works

Glass Repair

Just about any home anywhere has multiple glass items in it. Windows, doors, mirrors, cups, and pictures are just a few examples. Generally, people tend to be pretty careful when it comes to handling glass things. You don’t want them to break, after all. Of course, even the greatest care isn’t always enough to prevent broken glass. If you find yourself facing broken glass, you might wonder if it can be fixed, , and if so, how glass repair works.

Preparation and Cleaning

The glass repair process starts with preparing the glass. It must be properly cleaned if it is to stand a chance at being repaired. Dirt and grease can prevent the repair from being successful. It is best if the glass is totally clean and dry before you move on to any further repair steps.


Glue is the hero of many adventures in home repairs. As it turns out, it can work pretty well for glass repairs, too. You’ll need to find glue that will work well with glass. Remember, not all adhesives work with equal efficacy on all substances and surfaces. You’ll probably want one that dries clear, too, especially if your glass is clear. That will minimize the appearance of the break. Once you have your chosen glue, place a small amount on the broken surface of the glass.


After the glue has been applied to one of the broken pieces, pick up the other piece and press it together. You’ll need to apply gentle pressure to help the bond form. Don’t overdo the pressure. You don’t want to accidentally break the glass further. From there, let the glass sit while the glue sets and dries fully.

DIY or Professional?

The whole process seems simple enough, right? It’s pretty much just gluing two pieces of glass back together. You can handle that yourself, right?

In some instances, that may be the case. It really depends on the project, though. It’s entirely possible that you can handle some smaller projects on your own. However, bigger, more complex projects tend to be best left to the professionals. You have to consider whether the damage and the steps needed to perform the repairs pose a risk to you or anyone else. There could potentially be legal consequences associated with not getting the broken glass repaired or replaced. Sentiment also has a place here. If you have a glass piece that you feel strongly about, you’re going to want it professionally repaired for sure.

With DIY repairs, there may also be the risk of doing more damage. If the item in question is small and generally decorative in nature, a DIY repair may be just fine since the risk of doing further damage is relatively small. But in the case of a window, door, or piece of shower glass, your best bet is definitely going to be to call for professional assistance. Further breakage because of an amateur repair job isn’t going to do anyone any favors.

Handling glass repair can be delicate work. It’s a fairly straightforward process, but the nature of the material can sometimes make professional assistance more of a necessity. Whether you’re repairing or replacing broken glass, it’s always a good idea to explore your options so you can choose the solution that makes the most sense for you.