5 Tips For Protecting Your Glass Table Tops

5 Tips For Protecting Your Glass Table Tops

Glass table tops can be a truly stunning addition to any home. Their clear surfaces have a remarkable way of opening up space and can even lighten up a room. The thing with glass tabletops, though, is that because they are made of glass, they can be damaged more easily than table tops made of other materials. If you want to keep your glass table surfaces in good condition, you need to take steps to protect them.

Choose Locations Wisely

One of the first things you should do to protect your glass tabletops is to make sure they are located in good places in your house. Generally speaking, high traffic areas where they can get bumped into and knocked off probably aren’t the best options. Instead, place them outside of the flow of traffic. You can provide an additional layer of protection by using rubber bumpers on the bottom. Rubber bumpers can be great for helping glass table surfaces stay where they belong and prevent them from sliding off as easily.

Clean Glass Table Tops Properly

In order to keep your glass table tops in good condition, it’s important to make sure you clean them properly. If you do it right, you can maintain the beautiful appearance of your glass table surfaces. If you don’t do it right or if you use the wrong cleaners or supplies, you run the risk of damaging and scratching the surface. Make sure you use lint-free microfiber cloths and cleaners that specify that they can be safely used on glass.

Use Coasters and Mats

Improper cleaning isn’t the only way your glass table tops can be scratched. Items placed directly on the glass or slid across the surface can also cause damage. To prevent this, make sure you use coasters and mats. It’s best to have these already out and available for use in order to prevent guests and others from placing objects directly on the glass because they don’t know any better. Having a runner that you place centerpieces, coffee table books, and other decorative items on can also help. The best part is that there are a lot of different designs and styles of coasters, mats, and runners that you can use to not only protect your glass but enhance the overall appearance of the furniture.

Watch Out for Kids and Pets

If you have children or pets, a glass tabletop may not be the most practical option. That said, you can still make it work if you’re careful. Teach children to not play with their toys on the glass and train pets to stay off of the furniture. That can help prevent accidental scratches caused by endearing yet sometimes destructive members of your household.

Don’t Place Hot Items Directly on the Glass

Generally speaking, the glass used for tabletops should be tempered glass. Tempered glass is multiple times stronger than regular glass, and fractures into small pieces when broken, which makes it safer to handle. That said, no one wants to have to replace a broken glass coffee table or any other glass tabletop. As such, make sure you never place hot items directly on the glass. Hot surfaces that come into direct contact with glass run a much higher risk of cracking the glass. Be sure to use hot pads, coasters, or other appropriate barriers between hot items and your glass tabletop.

In order to get the most out of your glass tabletops, it’s important to take steps to protect them. Reducing the risk of people bumping into them, scratching them, or breaking them are all vital to the protection of your glass table surfaces. Take the time and effort to properly care for your glass tabletops so you can enjoy their beauty as long as you have them in your home.

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