4 Tips for Repairing Broken Glass

4 Tips for Repairing Broken Glass

Glass is in nearly every room of a house. Windows, doors, tables, even picture frames—we use it all the time, even though it’s quite a pain when it breaks. In some cases, it’s possible to repair glass yourself. Other times, it’s best to leave broken glass repairs to a professional company. Here are a few tips to follow for those in need of glass repair in Ventura, CA, and beyond!

Decide Whether or Not DIY Repair Makes Sense

In many situations, DIY is the way to go. If, for instance, there’s a small chip in something like a glass counter or windowpane, it’s possible to fix it with epoxy, a hardener, and the proper methods of smoothing and buffing the adhesive. Clean breaks are another fix you can probably handle on your own with adhesive and epoxy, making sure to follow safety protocols such as gloves and proper ventilation, of course. Basically, if the glass breaks are clean, big, and not too numerous, there’s a good chance you can learn adequate skills on the internet.

But if the broken glass is in many pieces, definitely consider contacting a commercial glass repair company. When glass shatters, things get dangerous very quickly, and it’s nearly impossible for an inexperienced person to repair it effectively. Simi Valley glass repair is a smart idea if there are tiny fragments in your break or you are in any way hesitant of trying a DIY glass repair.

Pick the Right Glue

Any broken glass company would tell you that not all glues are created equal when repairing glass yourself. A hardware store near you will likely have multiple options to choose from. One of the best is Loctite, a brand with many different types of specialty adhesives, of which some are great for glass repair. Another good one to look for is His Glassworks, though fair warning that this brand is more for professionals with on-hand equipment and greater know-how.

Clean and Dry the Glass Thoroughly

Bought an expensive adhesive that’s still not sticking? One thing that people often forget to do in the glass repair process is to prepare the glass. If your glass pieces have any dust or other residue on them, the adhesive will stick to that material instead of the actual piece of glass—especially the edges you’re connecting. Cleaning it will only help if you dry the glass thoroughly afterward, or the adhesive will stick to the water or soap!

Get Help

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of learning about glass repair, getting the right materials, and sweating over the actual project, that’s completely understandable. If you look into DIY glass repair and decide it’s not the right call, don’t be afraid to get help. Call Community Glass & Mirror if you need glass repair in Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, or the Ventura area, and you can let go of any stress about properly completing a repair project.

When you’re dealing with broken glass, you have a lot of options, so don’t immediately settle on the DIY method or give up entirely. Follow these tips, and you’ll definitely get the job done correctly, whether by your own hands or the hands of a broken glass company!

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