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About Community Glass & Mirror

We are a Ventura company that has been in the glass and mirror industry for six decades now. We have installed and replaced windows for countless home and business owners in the whole of Ventura County and the counties within Los Angeles. Our company has earned an outstanding reputation as the most professional dealer in all window, shower door, glass, and mirror services.

We pride ourselves on the ability to serve our customers to the best of their satisfaction. Our happiness comes from providing a myriad of services to our customers over the years and keeping up with the industry’s modern trends. The following is a list of our products and services within Ventura County and beyond.

Our Products and Services

Ventura County Shower Doors

Do you need to replace a shower door? We provide the finest quality Ventura County shower doors. Our expert craftsmen will install them for you if you want to replace them.

Why is it necessary to replace glass shower doors? Well, there are lots of good reasons for wanting to replace a shower door. One of them is the possibility of breakage. While the glass that makes shower doors is sturdy enough, several factors may cause it to break. You may also want to update your bathroom’s style by replacing an outdated shower door with a more modern design.

Our job is to make it happen for you. Our collection of products is so vast that you are sure to find the product that perfectly suits your needs and preferences.

Ventura County Mirrored Closet Doors

Mirrored closet doors are not only beautiful but practical as well! They add to the aesthetic of your walk-in closet and help you check your outfit before leaving. We provide the best mirrored closet doors in Ventura County. Our skilled craftsmen are conversant with the modern designs of mirrored closet doors, and our selection of products will not disappoint you! Before installing your doors, we always check whether your closet has enough space for the installation. Our expert craftsmen can help advise you on the right design and utilize the available space for great results.

Ventura County Glass Tables and Desks

Are you looking for a blend of functionality and beauty in your tables and desks? Look no further! We are here with the right solution for you. Our collection of glass tables and desks will give your room an elevated look of sophistication. Our team will guide you on how to install the best coffee tabletops. They will also advise you on the most suitable glass protector top addition to your existing tables and desks. Our customization adds a touch of luxury and protects your tables from scratches and other signs of tear and wear.

Some people steer away from glass tables and desks out of fear that they will break. Rest assured, breakage is an uncommon occurrence. Even should the glass break after being struck by a very strong force, it will break into big chunks that you can easily collect from the scene without any harm.

Ventura County Custom Mirrors

Every homeowner wants to have something uniquely beautiful in their home. What is more perfect for enhancing the beauty of your home than a custom mirror? We provide exact-fitting Ventura County custom mirrors and install them for you in any part of your home.

Our expert staff has been in the industry for a long time. They have all the tips that you may need for an innovative installation of custom mirrors. For instance, they can turn your favorite picture frame into a custom mirror and install it for you without any problems.

Ventura County Broken Glass Repair

What do you do when your windows or mirrors break? Sometimes you may not be in a position to buy a new replacement immediately. We at Community Glass and Mirror specialize in making your experience more comfortable. Our professional team assesses the extent of the damage and advises you on what needs repair. They help you cope with the breakage situation until you can find a full replacement.

Ventura County Commercial Glass

We not only install and replace the glass in homes, but we also do installations in commercial properties. Experience has made us the leading shop dealing in commercial glass installation services in Ventura County and its environs. We can advise you on the best choice of glass for your commercial property, and our professional craftsmen will install your glass exactly to your specifications.

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