New Milgard Windows

Are you considering new windows for your home?


Over the years, we  were asked regularly about energy efficient replacement retrofit windows by many of our clients.  So, many years ago we began looking into performing the service for our clients and started the research into the best products for them.  After evaluating many of the best options, we chose to become a dealer for Milgard Windows & Doors. Milgard Windows & Doors provide a superior performing product and an amazing selection of design choices.

Replacement, retrofit windows for your home

Slide New Retrofit Installed Milgard Windows & Doors

If your home still has the original, single-pane tired windows you know what you’re missing out on.  Your old windows likely don’t glide open or closed smoothly anymore.  They have lost their attractiveness and they don’t help insulate the home from the heat or the cold – they leak energy (and money).

Today’s Milgard Windows offer outstanding benefits that start with their beauty.  Milgard Windows are beautiful and can be made for custom shapes and sizes.  You can choose from an assortment of framing materials too.  If you think that you have to stick with just white vinyl windows, think again.  You can choose just about any color you would want, and we can even provide them with a paintable surface to match your exact trim color.

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Milgard Windows also offer great energy efficiency with double and even triple pane glass.  With your old windows, the AC or heater just pushed the air right outside.  It also allowed cold or hot air in.  With energy efficient Milgard Windows installed professionally by our window installers, you save energy money and keep your home more comfortable.  Windows do make a major impact on the energy efficiency of your home.

And something more, Milgard Windows also dampen outside noise.  This helps to create a more peaceful, serene environment inside of your home.

Professional installed by Licensed Contractor!

Because Community Glass is a licensed and insured contractor, you get much greater peace of mind.  That peace of mind comes from knowing that our professional window installers are performing the job right the first time.  We have been trained and have the experience to remove, measure and replace your windows with great expertise.  We focus on maximizing the beauty of your home, increasing the value of your home, getting the most out of your energy efficiency, and installing to exact standards that give you the longest lasting functionality of your windows.

If you’re considering new replacement windows, call us to get a quote.  You’ll be happy you found such a professional company that truly works hard to meet YOUR needs, while keeping costs as affordable as possible.  Call today.