Westlake Glass and Mirror

Everything changes over time; interior design and décor are no exception. The materials and colors that were tasteful when you purchased your home may be out of style now. Or perhaps the decades-old shower door has seen better days, and replacing it would improve the quality of your activities in the shower. In either case, when you’re ready to update your bathroom, a frameless shower door is the way to go! Frameless shower doors are beautiful, sleek, modern, and practical. Call Westlake Glass and Mirror today to find out how we can get you in the bathroom of your dreams.

A Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers are becoming more popular. Turn your bathroom into the luxurious space you deserve with a jacuzzi tub or a walk-in shower—or both! Westlake Glass and Mirror has the skill and experience to help with remodeling your bathroom. From beautiful mirrors to glass shower enclosures, we have you covered.

Why Go Frameless?

Westlake Village frameless shower doors are easy to clean because they feature fewer creases for water and mold to hide. To clean them, simply spray and wipe. That’s it! Frameless shower doors are also more flexible. Since there is no frame hindering its motion, a Westlake Village shower door is easy to open from the inside and the outside.

Give Us A Call!

It’s time to update your bathroom, turning it into a place of peace and luxury. When you’re ready for a frameless shower door from Westlake Village, give us a call. We are ready to give you a quote, and our professional staff can help with suggestions and answer any questions you may have.