Northridge Shower Doors

Glass features can enhance the beauty of any space. For example, a shower door made of high-quality glass will add charm and style to your Northridge bathroom.

Shower Doors

A shower should be an area for relaxation, a place to retreat and take care of yourself. The quality and aesthetics of the shower door are part of that experience. You deserve an updated, functional, and beautiful shower entrance.

Are your shower doors broken, rusty, or non-functional? We can help! Northridge Glass and Mirror strives to assist you in repairing and updating your shower doors. We use only high-quality glass when making each shower door so that it is as durable as it is beautiful. We have a variety of glass materials and styles to satisfy your needs. We will help you select the best hinges, frames, and glass material before installation.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a highly popular option for shower doors due to its unique qualities. Tempered glass is heat-resistant and does not scratch easily. The main attraction for this type of glass is that it does not shatter into large, sharp pieces. Instead, it breaks into small, uniform chunks, which reduces the risk of injury in the case of breakage.

Frosted Glass

If you want a sleek and private feel to your shower, then you might love frosted glass. The cloudy and opaque characteristics of this glass are great for enhancing privacy. Frosted glass also provides a sense of cleanliness to the glass door because it minimizes the appearance of soap suds.

Textured Glass

Textured glass is made by pressing designs onto semi-molten glass. Popular patterns for textured glass include images of bubbles, dew, and ripples. These doors are very artistic, and they usually pair well with nautical décor.